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Basic Manicure $20 / With Gel $35
Enjoy natural nail care, shaping, cuticle detailing, buffing, lotion massage with a hot towel, and nail polish.
Honey Milk Manicure $25 / With Gel $40
This treatment includes the Basic Manicure, a honey-milk sugar scrub, a massage with honey-milk butter, a hot towel wrap, and nail polish.
Herbal Rose Petal Manicure + Paraffin Treatment $35 / With Gel $50
This healthy treatment includes the Basic Manicure, herbal bath soak with rose petals, rose sugar scrub, rose cream mask, wrap with 2 hot towels, and 3 minutes massage with cream, rose oil, paraffin treatment, and nail polish.
CBD Manicure + Collagen Gloves Treatment $45 / With Gel $60
CBD is a natural way to relieve pain, enjoy deep sleep, promote relaxation and restfulness, and improve overall wellness. We begin with a Basic Manicure, followed by soaking in CBD hemp oil, exfoliating with CBD sugar scrub, hydrating with a CBD mud mask and 2 hot towels, massaging for 5 minutes with CBD butter and oil, and adding collagen gloves. We finish the treatment with polish.
*Take off Gel +$5


Get a complimentary personal pedicure care kit and two glasses of wine when getting a full service.
Foot soak
Nail cutting & shaping
Cuticle care
Sugar scrub
Mini lotion massage
Hot towel
Polish application
HONEY MILK PEDICURE $40 / with Gel $55
Express Pedicure
Light callus removal
Honey milk scrub and mask
Wrap with a hot towel
5-Minute cream massage
Polish application
SPEARMINT PEDICURE $45 / with Gel $60
Express Pedicure
Light callus removal
Spearmint sugar scrub
6-Minute massage with mint cream and 2 ice rollers
Cooling gel mask
Wrap with a hot towel
Polish application
SIGNATURE PEDICURE $50 / with Gel $65
** Choose a scent: * Relief - Lavender Orchid, * Refresh - Cucumber Melon
* Energetic - Orange and Tangerine, * Focus - Mango Malibu
Express Pedicure
Soak with sea salt
Callus removal
Scrub and mask
Paraffin wax treatment
8-Minute massage with cream
Wrap with two hot towels.
Polish application
* Your choice 2 hot stone or 2 Ice Rollers
Express Pedicure
Soak with Rose petals tea bags detox
Callus removal
Rose petal sugar scrub
8-Minute massage with rose cream and oils
Rose mask
Paraffin treatment
Wrap with two hot towels
Polish application
DELUXE CBD PEDICURE $60 / with Gel $75
Express Pedicure
Soak with CBD essence
Callus removal
10-Minute massage with CBD cream and 4 hot stones Polish
CBD scrub and mask
Paraffin wax
Two hot towel wrap
Polish application
PEARL PEDICURE $65 / with Gel $80
* Your choice 4 hot stone or 4 Ice Rollers
Express Pedicure
Soak with pearl powder
Callus removal
Hydrating deep cleanser
Pearl sugar scrub
Nourishing mask
Wrap with 2 hot towels
Paraffin treatment
10-Minute massage with gel
Moisturizing with pearl cream
Hot towel wrap
Polish application
Express Pedicure
Detox volcano crystals and activator soak
Callus removal
Exfoliating sugar scrub
Collagen cream mask
Collagen cream mask
12-Minute massage with collagen cream, 2 hot stones, and 2 ice rollers
Wrap with 2 hot towels
Collagen socks treatment
Hot towel wrap
Polish application
24K GOLDEN MYSTIQUE PEDICURE $85 / with Gel $100
Express Pedicure
Gold soak powder
Exfoliating gold scrub
Gold mud mask
Wrap with 2 hot towels
12-Minute massage with gold massage cream, 4 hot stones, and 2 ice rollers
Collagen socks
Nourishing moisture body butter
Hot towel wrap
Polish application
SEASONAL PEDICURE $55 / with Gel $70
Price $55: for only 200 first customers
Versional of Express Pedicure
Callus removal
Signature sugar and mask
Paraffin wax
** Please ask a technician about seasonal special scent.
Two ice rollers or two hot stone
8-Minute cream massage
Premium polish

Add On For Pedicure

Collagen Socks $15
Hot Stone/Paraffin $10
Chrome $15
Extra 10 Minutes Massage $15
Polish Change on Feet $15
Gel Polish Change on Feet $25
Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

(Get two complimentary glasses of wine when getting a full service.)
ARTIFICIAL GEL FULL SET / FILL-INS $50+ Overlay $50+ / $40+
GEL X FULL SET / FILL-INS $55+ / $45+
Using high-quality gel products, we apply nail extensions to enhance length and durability. The gel material cures under LED light, lasting up to 3-4 weeks.
T.A.P HYBRID GEL FULL SET / FILL-INS $65+ Overlay $60+ / $50+
Our innovative Hybrid Gel service combines the durability of gel and powder with the easy application of polish. This high-performance formula ensures long-lasting wear, brilliant shine, and a smooth finish while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural nails during removal. It lasts up to 4 weeks.
Hard Gel FULL SET $40
Manicure with Hard Gel Full Set $50
Manicure Gel without Take off Full Set $35
Manicure Gel with Take off Full Set $40
*Take off +$5
Dipping Powder

Dipping Powder

Enhancements, gel polish, and dipping powders are guaranteed for 7 business days after your service date. If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifts in the first 7 days, please call us to schedule a free repair. Repair after 7 days or for breakages, tears, and corner breaks are $3 each. Traditional services are not guaranteed. No refunds are given.
Dipping Color (Not includes massage) $40
Dip Manicure (Includes massage) $50
French $45 +
Ombre $55 +
Color Tip $50
*Take off +$5
Additional Services

Additional Services

Special Shape (Coffin, Stiletto, Almond....) $5
Length $5 +
Nail Repair $5 +
French $5
Design $10 +
** Custom design please ask the technician for the price.
Take Off $15
Take Off + Manicure $35
Polish Change Hands $12
Gel Polish Change Hands without take off $20
Paraffin Hand $10
Collagen Gloves $15
Color Tips $10
Fix 1 Toe nail/2 Toenails $8 / $15
Gel Polish Change on Hands with Take off $25
Finger nail / Toe nail Trimming (Includes shaping and buffing) $8 / $10
Buff Shine $5
Ombre $15
Children's Services

Children's Services

(10 years & under)
Gel Pedicure 6 to 10 $40
Gel Manicure 6 to 10 $30
Basic pedicure $25
Color Change Hand/ Toes $8 /$10
Gel Color Change Hand / Toes $15 /$20
Manicure & Pedicure $40
Basic Manicure $15
Gel Manicure under 6 $25
Gel Pedicure under 6 $35


Brow $15
Lip $10
Chin $15
Full Face $50
Under Arms $35
Half Arm $30 +
Full Arm $50 +
Half Leg $35 +
Full Leg $60 +
Bikini Lines $35
Brazilian $60
Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

Classic Full Set/Fill In $110 / $70
Hybrid Full Set/Fill In $130 / $85
Volume Full Set/Fill In $160 / $120
Lash Lift $50
Lash Tint $25
Brow Tint $30